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Payment options

All charges are due at the time services are rendered. We do accept Cash, Visa/Mastercard/Discover Card/American Express, Debit Cards and Care Credit. We do not accept checks or set up payment arrangements. Thank you for understanding. 


We ask that a minimum 24-hour notice be given for all cancellations. We understand that unexpected or unavoidable situations may occur resulting in an appointment being canceled. Please notify Bluegrass Veterinary Hospital immediately if you are unable to make your appointment.


Bluegrass Veterinary Hospital makes attempts via phone and email to remind clients of appointments. Because time is reserved for you and your pet, missed appointments take time away from other pets that may need to be seen. Clients who do not properly cancel appointments will be considered a “no show”. If a client has 2 or more “no shows” we may elect to no longer reserve appointments, no longer provide care to that client’s pets, or charge a non-refundable deposit prior to scheduling an appointment.


It is often exciting for children to come to clinics and be able to see other animals and medical treatments for their pets. However, we do ask that you have your children ask permission prior to approaching other clients' pets, as not all pets are friendly with strangers.


Bluegrass Veterinary Hospital makes every effort to maintain a schedule that allows individual time with each individual and pet. Appointments are set to reserve this time, making it critical that you arrive to your appointment on time. Late appointments may be asked to reschedule if the veterinarian’s schedule cannot accommodate. If you elect to wait, please understand that wait time may be unpredictable and that priority is given to those patients that arrive on time.

dispensing medications

As directed by law a veterinarian can only dispense/prescribe medication to those patients that have a current veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR), this requires examination of the patient annually. It is illegal to dispense medications to patients that have not been seen by the veterinarian, regardless if the patient has a written prescription from another clinic/veterinarian. We are able to prescribe and dispense medications only for our current patients.

Leashes and carriers

We request that all dogs be on leashes and all cats be in carriers prior to entering our clinic. We are located on a busy street and do not want any pets escaping and potentially being in a high risk or harmful situation. If your pet may have a contagious disease (ie. kennel cough, parvovirus, etc.) you may be asked to hold your pet in your vehicle until we are able to place you in an examination room to avoid contamination of the waiting room and exposure to other pets.

We truly appreciate your business, and we are grateful for the trust you have placed in us. Please don't hesitate to call if you have any questions or concerns about any policy outlined.

Thank you!
Bluegrass Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Eddie Doughty and Staff

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